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Subject:SK-Enron BOD meeting
Date:Tue, 12 Dec 2000 09:46:00 -0800 (PST)

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Subject: SK-Enron BOD meeting

Choi Kap Ryong/HR & Admin Team
2000-12-12 05:07 PM
=11?I 789-6764

Dear Directors and Auditors:

We would like to rearrange the next BOD meeting schedule.
As you know, the BOD decided to have the next BOD meeting on Feb. 8th, 2001=
However, we think it is difficult to have the next BOD meeting on that date
because of preparation of financial statement.
Please understand that subsidiaries' financial statement should be=20
prior to SK-Enron's financial statement and this process is our main concer=
Considering this situation, we suggest to have the next BOD Meeting at 2pm =
Feb. 20th, 2001. in Houston.
And meeting place in Houston will be notified you when it is determined.
If you are uncomfortable with this schedule,
please let us know so that we can arrange it again.

Sincerely yours,