Enron Mail

Subject:Committee of Corporate General Counsel
Date:Thu, 30 Nov 2000 06:17:00 -0800 (PST)

As there are several new members of the Committee, I have been asked to
forward the following memorandum, which was sent to the membership on June
1, 2000 regarding the Committee's List Serve and how to use it. In addition
to this information, please note that the email address that you send the
message from must be the address that was given to the Committee (i.e. if
your business email address is on the List Serve, you cannot send a message
to the List Serve from your home email address), otherwise your message will
not transmit to the List Serve.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (404) 249-2717
or at emily.ward@bellsouth.com.


To: Committee of Corporate General Counsel

From: Thomas A. Decker

Date: June 1, 2000

Re: Committee's List Serve

One of the greatest benefits that we derive from being a member of the
Committee of Corporate General Counsel is the opportunity to communicate
with our peers and discuss matters common to us as General Counsel. The
Committee provides us with a forum to exchange ideas and experiences about
substantive, administrative and ethical law issues facing us and our
corporate clients. It also provides us opportunities for informal networking
among our peers.

In an effort to provide an additional avenue in which we may communicate, a
"List Serve" has been created for our Committee. A "List Serve" is an
Internet email device used to forward information to large numbers of
addresses at one time. The address for our Committee is corpgen@abanet.org.
All members of the Committee who have provided email addresses have been
placed in the "List Serve." To use the "List Serve," you simply address your
Internet email message to "corpgen@abanet.org" and your message will be sent
to all of the members.

The Executive Committee intends to use this device to communicate
information to the Committee regarding meetings and issues that effect the
Committee as a whole. Members are encouraged to use it to obtain information
and exchange ideas with other members of the Committee, such as
recommendations for outside counsel and networking for prospective hires. If
you wish to communicate to only a few members on the Committee, do not use
this device. Rather, send your message to the individual members, using
their e-mail addresses included on the Committee membership list. Also,
please note that if you choose the "reply all" button (versus the "sender
only" button), when responding to a message to this address, your reply will
not only go to the sender of the original message, but to the entire "List
Serve." (We have learned, from other Committees using a list serve, that
this can cause an abundance of mail to be forwarded to and from e-mail
systems which can overload some systems.)

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Emily N.
Ward at (404) 249-2717 or at emily.ward@bellsouth.com.

Emily N. Ward
BellSouth Corporation
Fax 404/249-5901