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Subject:Enron Europe Legal Department Organisational Announcement
Date:Wed, 6 Dec 2000 08:31:00 -0800 (PST)

The Enron Europe legal department has grown steadily over the five years=20
since Enron=01,s merchant business was introduced into the UK in 1995 and=
continues to grow, currently comprising some thirty lawyers in four=20
countries. In order to align the legal department as closely as possible wi=
Enron Europe's business units, to streamline the management of the departme=
and to clarify for all which lawyers within the department specialise in=20
which areas of Enron Europe=01,s activities, the following new groups withi=
n the=20
department will be created with effect from Tuesday 2nd January 2001, each=
reporting to myself as General Counsel: =20

Asset Management and Origination / EES

Headed by Jon Chapman, this group will deal with all legal work relating to=
Enron Europe=01,s existing and future asset positions (which include the TP=
ETOL, Trakya, Sarlux and Nowa Sarzyna power stations and the Arcos project)=
Enron=01,s retail power business: Enron Direct throughout Europe, and all E=
business. This group will also handle human resource related matters.=20
Reporting to Jon will be Alan Black, Sarah Gregory, Chris Wood, Stephan=20
Dewald, Stephen Hands, Tim Underdown (in his TPL legal capacity) and Annett=

Finance / Continental Trading and Origination

Marcus Von Bock will head this group which will deal with Enron Global=20
Finance transactions (monetisation, securitisation and capital market relat=
transactions) and all gas and power origination and trading matters=20
throughout continental Europe. Mark Elliott, Martin Rosell, Michael Schuh a=
Michael Slade will report to Marcus.=20

Technology and Global Markets=20

Justin Boyd will head this group which will deal with all European work=20
relating to all of Enron=01,s internet based trading platforms, including E=
OnLine, Enron Credit.com and Clickpaper.com. This group will also handle al=
Enron Global Markets=01, work in Europe, including weather, currency, equit=
interest rate, FX, and commodity derivatives, crude and products, coal,=20
emissions, LNG and paper and pulp trading. Robert Quick, Rahul Saxena, Ian=
Brungs and Lorna Jones will report to Justin.

UK Energy/Credit/Metals

Paul Simons will head this group which will deal with all UK power and gas=
trading and origination transactions (including the effort to amend existin=
power contracts to ensure their viability in the new bilateral trading=20
market) all metals and softs related work and work originated by Enron=20
Credit.com. Adam Duguid, Denis O=01,Connell, Ed Cooper and Matt Dawson will=
report to Paul.

As before:

- the Broadband Services Group continues to be headed by Mary Nell Browning=
reporting to myself and to Kristina Mordaunt (General Counsel Enron Broadba=
Services) in Houston;=20

- the Company Secretarial Group continues to be headed by Sue Kelly reporti=
to me. Cindy Buckley reports to Sue; and=20

- the Regulatory Group continues to be headed by Jonathan Marsh, reporting =
me. Jon Barrett and Julie Russell report to Jonathan.=20

A chart showing the new structure is attached for your information.

This restructing of the group will inevitably result in some work being=20
transitioned from the lawyer currently responsible to lawyers within the=20
appropriate group. This will be achieved gradually over time (beginning Q1=
2001) so as to prevent any disruption to ongoing transactions.=20

Please join me in congratulating Jon, Marcus, Justin and Paul on their=20
expanded roles.

Mark Evans