Enron Mail

Subject:General Counsel's Offsite
Date:Tue, 28 Mar 2000 09:07:00 -0800 (PST)

---------------------- Forwarded by Rob Walls/ENRON_DEVELOPMENT on 03/28/2000
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Robert C Williams
03/28/2000 05:31 PM
To: Rob Walls

Subject: General Counsel's Offsite

You asked about suggestions for agenda items for this meeting. Here are a
couple of thoughts:

1. The to-be-issued rewritten policies on FCPA, Antiboycott Laws, and
U.S. Trade Restraint Laws (you'll have the latter two soon);

2. Standardized clauses for arbitration, choice of law, forum selection

3. Attorney-Client Privilege Legend on Enron Lawyers' Email

4. OneEnron Policy on retention of email (Richard Sanders and I are
working on this with IT--its in Richard's court right now)

5. Hiring between business units' legal departments (lawyers,
assistants, and legal specialists)

6. Standardization of PRC and compensation between business units'
legal departments.