Enron Mail

To:tom.mckeever@enron.com, joe.gold@enron.com
Subject:Organisational Change
Date:Fri, 1 Dec 2000 06:24:00 -0800 (PST)

Congratulations on your new roles! I look forward to congratulating you in
person. All the best, Jim
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Enron North America Corp.

From: Enron Europe Office of the Chairman @ ECT
11/30/2000 06:29 AM

Sent by: Enron Europe General Announcement@ECT
To: Enron Executive Committee, Enron VPs and MDs 1, Enron VPs and MDs 2, ECT

Subject: Organisational Change

As a continuation of the integration of Enron Metals into Enron Europe we are
pleased to announce the following organisational changes which become
effective immediately.

Tom McKeever, presently Chairman of Enron Metals will move into the role of
Vice Chairman Enron Europe reporting directly to John Sherriff and Michael
Brown. Tom will focus on developing our key senior business relationships
across all of Enron Europe.

Joe Gold will become President of Enron Metals responsible for the entire
organization. We will announce Joe's replacement for managing our trading
and origination efforts on the Continent in the near future.

Michael Farmer and Michael Hutchinson will continue in their roles managing
the Metals's Merchanting and Financial Trading businesses respectively.

Please join us in congratulating Tom and Joe on their new roles.

From the Enron Europe Office of the Chairman