Enron Mail

Subject:Topics for General Counsel Off-site
Date:Mon, 20 Mar 2000 08:27:00 -0800 (PST)

---------------------- Forwarded by Stephanie Harris/Corp/Enron on 03/20/2000
04:26 PM ---------------------------

Michael Moran
03/20/2000 04:14 PM
To: Stephanie Harris/Corp/Enron@ENRON

Subject: Topics for General Counsel Off-site

Jim, the following is in response to your request that we forward to you our
suggested topics for the General Counsel offsite on April 4&5.
1. Outside Counsel
- Who are the top firms we are using?
-Should there be a data base for firms we are using(and particular
attorneys in the firm)and for what.
-Could/should the data base include info on fees paid to firms in the
previous year so we know who the top firms are and also so we have an idea
how much we pay in legal fees on an Enron wide basis.
-What position do we take on probable fee increases toi cover the
tremendous salary increases that firms recently gave to their associates?

2.Legal Web Page
Should we develop a Legal Group web page that has some of the info mentioned
immediately above. We could also use this to pass on info re vacancies,
announcements of new hires. This could also have a short bio on each attorney
including in particular any particular expertise that the attorney may have
so if someone has a question on swaps or Hart Scott or DOT regulations you
could look inhouse first for answers to questions rather than picking up the
phone and calling outside counsel for the answer to simple questions.

3.Summer Clerks
Should we have a centralized program for summer clerks?

4. Recruiting
Should we try to somewhat centralize this process or at a minimum set up a
mechanism for letting the various groups know of good candidates that have
been interviewed but not hired because of too many strong candidates for 1

5. Management Succession
I think we should develop a process for identifying/evaluating individuals
who currently possess( or with some specific development could possess) the
capability of moving into the "management " ranks of the legal function Enron
wide. Thus when a vacancy does occur we have an idea of who are the persons
who merit consideration from across the corporation to help ensure we are
getting the best person for the job.

6. One Enron- since the corporate theme is "one Enron" what can or should we
be doing to make sure that happens.