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Subject:Travel + Leisure Picks Our 8 Best Travel Gifts!
Date:Fri, 1 Dec 2000 06:29:00 -0800 (PST)

Dear Fellow Traveler:=20

This month we are excited to highlight Travel + Leisure's favorite=20
TravelSmith products! Travel + Leisure editors picked TravelSmith=20
because the products "combine style and function, address a variety=20
of needs and circumstances, and are light, packable, and entirely=20
uncomplicated travel companions." Click here to see these=20
top products!=20

Women's Indispensable Travel Pants
These modern classics have the contemporary lines and smooth,=20
flattering fit you can depend on for an entire trip. In fact, they're=20
so versatile you may not need to pack another pair. They're as casual=20
or as dressy as you choose: Wear them with a blouse and blazer for an=20
elegant look, with a turtleneck and multipocketed vest for more=20
casual outings. And their substantial fabric - a blend of 63%=20
polyester, 33% rayon, and 4% Lyrcac for comfortable two-way stretch -=20
is as good looking and long wearing as wool, without wool's=20
fussiness; it defies wrinkles, even after days of packing and=20
wearing. Clean, no-waistband style has a side zipper and front darts=20
for a trim shape; a passport-size pocket behind the waist keeps cash,=20
credit card, or papers neatly concealed. $89=20

Overnight Essentials Bag
Compact, sophisticated, and ingeniously organized, this carry-on bag=20
keeps all your travel essentials close at hand - a reassuring feeling=20
in case your luggage is lost or delayed in transit. Open the smart,=20
handbag-like exterior to reveal multiple compartments: one with=20
compression straps that can hold a change of clothes, another with=20
elasticized shoe pockets. The two spill-proof plastic cases - ideal=20
for toiletries - are conveniently removable for trips to the=20
bathroom. Made of premium nylon twill, the Overnight Essentials Bag
can be carried by its leather-wrapped handles or a detachable padded=20
shoulder strap. 11" x 17 1/2" x 7". $99=20

Men's ComfortMax=01v Turtleneck
Polar bears know how to weather the winter: Each of their hairs is=20
hollow to trap air and provide a warm layer of insulation. Our=20
ComfortMax=01v Turtlenecks do the same thing for Homo sapiens. They're=20
made of a remarkable new jersey-knit fabric that blends 74%=20
high-performance ThermaStat=01v polyester with 26% natural cotton for=20
the ultimate in warmth and moisture control. ThermaStat=01v also traps=20
air in its hollow fibers, providing exceptional insulation with very=20
little weight (just 8 ounces per shirt). The fabric also wicks=20
moisture efficiently, which means you stay dry and comfortable when=20
you're walking or cycling. These shirts dry quickly - more than 50%=20
faster than 100% cotton. $32=20

Women's Featherweight Leather Jacket
Most leather jackets are best left in your closet at home - they're=20
just too heavy, bulky, and impractical for travel. Our Featherweight=20
Leather Jacket is exceptional on all counts: It's so lightweight and=20
supple that you can easily pack it, and so versatile you'll wear it=20
everywhere on your itinerary. We've used fine Italian calfskin and=20
eliminated the shoulder pads for a finished weight of just 26 ounces=20
of unencumbered luxury. Best of all, the leather is treated to repel=20
water and stains, so you can enjoy this jacket in any weather. The=20
classic walking length covers your hips and provides the perfect=20
proportion with pants or skirts. $399=20

Guaranteed 100% - No Questions - No Exceptions
We promise a full refund if you are not totally satisfied at any time=20
you own a TravelSmith product. Tested everywhere from the Amazon to=20
Zihuatenejo, TravelSmith products are designed to withstand the=20
rigors of the road. That's why we stand confidently and fully behind=20
everything we make.=20

Airplane Comfort Kit
The airlines' idea of comfort just doesn't measure up: Scratchy,=20
handkerchief-size, shared-with-strangers blankets and tiny, lumpy=20
pillows are a recipe for jet lag. Next time you fly, pack your own=20
Airplane Comfort Kit instead. The cloud-soft fleece pillow unzips to=20
reveal a generous (36" x 60") double-faced fleece blanket that=20
surrounds you (and only you!) with heavenly softness and lightweight=20
warmth. There's even a thoughtfully placed pocket at the bottom in=20
which to nestle your feet. The pillow can be inflated to precisely=20
your preferred level of firmness. Blanket and pillow cover can be=20
washed and dried by machine. Pillow also available separately. For=20
those desiring added lumbar support, the inflatable back pillow is a=20
great comfort add-on. $38=20

Men's Classic Packable Raincoat
These handsome raincoats have the superior quality and classic style=20
of those fashionable English macs. But they go one better by being=20
lightweight, packable, and 100% waterproof - ergo, a far better value=20
and the ideal raincoats for the road. (Most raincoats are not=20
actually rainproof!) Made of suede-soft microfiber, with a frankly=20
sensual texture, they weigh just 26 ounces. Best of all, each folds=20
into a compact travel pouch built into the lining. The travel pouch=20
slips easily into any carry-on. All styles are as impervious to=20
fashion trends as it is to rain and wind. Generous fit. $159=20

Medium Pack-It Envelope
These lightweight carriers are the answer to every frequent packer's=20
prayers. Not only do they organize your travel wardrobe by category=20
or function, Pack-It Envelopes prevent wrinkles by keeping clothing=20
from shifting around in transit. You'll even find you can pack more=20
in less space because the Pack-It compresses its load. Three colors=20
allow color-coded organization. Each Pack-It Envelope comes with a=20
folding board and instructions for quick and easy folding. The medium=20
size holds 8 to 12 dress shirts, blouses, or trousers. From Eagle=20
Creek. $25=20

Swiss Army Multi Tool
A screw falls out of your eyeglasses. A button pops off your pants.=20
The bike you rented needs a brake adjustment. From the people who=20
brought you Swiss Army knives, this Multi Tool corrects a multitude=20
of minor setbacks on the road and is compact enough to carry in your=20
pocket. In addition to the usual assortment of blades, you'll find a=20
wide range of screwdrivers, a bottle opener, can opener, corkscrew,=20
ballpoint pen, tweezers, pliers, hex wrenches, scissors, a sewing eye=20
- 34 different tools in all. Imported from Switzerland. 3 1/2" long=20
(closed). $75=20



The holidays are here -- the season many children equate with shiny=20
new toys, gingerbread cookies, steaming mugs of hot chocolate... and=20
airplane travel. Each year, millions of kids between the ages of=20
five and 12 fly unaccompanied on major airlines. If your children=20
or grandchildren will be flying unaccompanied this holiday season,=20
you'll want to be prepared and knowledgeable before they get on=20
the plane.=20

Below are a few tips from TravelSmith to help you make sure the=20
children in your life are safe and happy travelers this=20
holiday season.=20

? Try to book only nonstop or direct flights so that the child does=20
not need to change planes. Changing planes can be intimidating and=20
scary, especially in major airports.=20

? Where a minor must be assisted by airline personnel in order to=20
change planes, expect a fee of $20 - $50.=20

? Do not drop your child off at the curb! Parents or legal=20
guardians are responsible for bringing the minor directly to=20
the departure gate.=20

? Get to the airport early. Parents or legal guardians should allot=20
time to fill out all paperwork required for unaccompanied minors,=20
most importantly the paperwork that travels with the child.=20

? Because in-flight food service can be slow or delayed, it's a=20
good idea to pack some favorite snacks for the child to carry onto=20
the flight.=20

? Parents or legal guardians should provide the airline with written=20
information about how flight delays or cancellations should be=20
handled, including emergency contacts and a means to pay for=20
necessities, such as overnight accommodations.=20

? Upon arrival at the destination point, airline personnel are=20
required to escort the child off the plane. They are not allowed to=20
turn the child over to a waiting parent or guardian without seeing=20
the adult's identification and matching it with the information on=20
the form filled out before departure.=20

? An authorized parent or guardian must pick the child up at the=20
arrival gate. Not only is it important for the child's sense of=20
security to be met personally at the arrival gate, but in some cases,=20
children will be turned over to local child welfare authorities if no=20
parent or guardian is present to pick them up.=20

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