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Subject:Dahbol -- Adding Greg Reid of Linklaters to the Dabhol Team
Date:Tue, 23 Oct 2001 10:21:11 -0700 (PDT)

Jim/Rob -

Given the number of litigation issues, the Linklaters Dabhol team needs another senior lawyer to help lead various efforts (which I have advocated). Christopher Walker has recommended that Greg Reid of Linklaters join the team. I believe that Greg is currently head of Linklaters International Arbitration group.

I've spoken with Barry Hunsaker and Stephen Wallace regarding Greg. Both had very favorable things to say about Greg: Hard-working, detail-oriented, smart, etc. Neither of them had any reservations about Greg although he apparently does have a sharp sense of humor (so I can see why he and Chris get along).

Greg would not handle the "India side" of the litigation efforts which would remain with Chris. He would help with the "London side" and the lender enforcement side (to the extent that occurs outside India). In any event, Chris would remain as the leader of the overall litigation effort and we will expect Chris to keep tabs on matters Greg is handling to ensure the overall coordination of the effort.

Let me know if you have any comments or objections to Greg's involvement.


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"Reid, Greg" <greg.reid@Linklaters.com< on 10/18/2001 11:56:51 AM
To: "'bruce.lundstrom@enron.com'" <bruce.lundstrom@enron.com<
cc: "Katwala, Sandeep" <sandeep.katwala@Linklaters.com<, "Walker, Christopher" <christopher.walker@Linklaters.com<

Subject: Dahbol

Dear Mr Lundstrom,

from discussions with my partner, Sandeep Katwala, I understand that as the
number of issues and proceedings arising out of the Dahbol project continue
to proliferate we need to increase the partner resources devoted to the

I attach a short cv giving my professional and academic background. I have
been at Linklaters for 16 years doing litigation and arbitration . For the
last 2 years I have been co-ordinating L&A's European arbitration practice,
but have, in the past, worked closely with Chris Walker. I have also had
considerable exposure to power projects, both domestic and international
(including an involvement in the Appeal to the Supreme Court in Pakistan on
the Hub project).

Last year I successfully completed a significant arbitration for EOG. Please
feel free to call Barry Hunsaker at EOG if you would like more background on
that job. I am presently acting on a much smaller matter for Enron (taking
instructions from Stephen Wallace) that comes to hearing in London on 8/9

I am presently based in Paris, but spend about one third of my time in our
London office. This is increasing and, as a result, I will be moving back to
London in July/August of next year. If you have any questions regarding my
suitability to join the team on the Dahbol project please do not hesitate to
call me direct.

yours sincerely

<<NGR cv.doc<<

Greg Reid
Partner, International Arbitration Group
Linklaters, Paris
a member firm of Linklaters & Alliance
Tel: (33) 1 56 43 56 00
Fax:(33) 1 43 59 50 65
Go to www.linklaters.com/disputetoolkit -for free litigation and arbitration


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- NGR cv.doc