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Subject:FW: Dabhol Power Project - GOI Arbitration
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Subject: Dabhol Power Project - GOI Arbitration

Folks -

Some background on our presiding arbitrator for the GOI arbitrator.


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Subject: Dabhol Power Project - GOI Arbitration


Herewith the bio(hagio)graphical details of Arthur Marriott QC from the
Debevoise & Plimpton website.

My experiences of Arthur Marriott QC as a presiding arbitrator are good. He
is not a lawyer of the same calibre as Lord Mustill or Andrew Rogers QC (nor
would he,I think,claim to be). But he is very practical and knows what he
is doing. He wants to get on with things where he can. He is also quite
adroit at managing tribunals. That is almost certainly going to prove to be
a necessary skill with Kamal Hossain who will see his role as advocating the
GOI's position and engineering whatever delay the GOI wants. I am hopeful
that (eventually) Kamal Hossain will overplay his hand,which will leave
us,in practical terms,with a Rogers-Marriott tribunal.

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