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Subject:FW: India -- Recent E-Mails re Inappropriate Activities
Date:Mon, 4 Jun 2001 12:03:23 -0700 (PDT)

your thoughts?

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From: Lundstrom, Bruce
Sent: Sunday, June 03, 2001 8:01 PM
To: Walls Jr., Rob
Subject: India -- Recent E-Mails re Inappropriate Activities

Rob -

I met with John Brindle on Friday to discuss the recent India e-mails. Earlier, I talked with Bob Sparger, the HR person who is mentioned in one of the e-mails.

I've also now reviewed a series of e-mails from "Anonymous", "Enron Wellwisher" and "Amit Patil". I can't find any allegations in these e-mails that Enron has misbehaved vis-a-vis the outside world -- all of the allegations seem to me to relate to breaches of internal policies, self-dealing, etc. Accordingly, I don't see an FCPA hook in these e-mails. I asked John and Bob and they confirm that they do not see an FCPA issue in these e-mails.

Let me know what role you think Legal should play. I'd be happy to have HR take the lead in following-up on what are largely HR issues. If you want us to be more assertive in this process, we can do that as well. In an earlier e-mail, I thought that we might be able to get Paul or Robert to help out with these e-mails. I just don't see that this is feasible at this point -- these guys are working non-stop at firefighting at present. We could, however, get Lena or one of the other lawyers involved.

By the way, John's people will investigate how Anonymous is getting access to our e-mail system.