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Subject:FW: Security Update
Date:Wed, 10 Oct 2001 08:04:57 -0700 (PDT)

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Subject:=09Security Update

Enron has been increasing security at its facilities around the world. Som=
e of the changes took effect immediately (e.g. additional security personne=
l) and some are phasing in. While not all of the changes will be visible, =
there are a few that will have an impact on everyday activities. In all th=
e steps we take and recommendations we make, we will be making our faciliti=
es and systems more secure and endeavoring to increase your sense of securi=
ty, while doing our best to minimize disruption to our day-to-day business.

Primary responsibility for Enron Corp. Security resides in our business con=
trols organization. You can contact this organization through their websit=
e (<http://home.enron.com/security<;), by phone (713-345-2804), or by email =
(CorporateSecurity@enron.com <mailto:CorporateSecurity@enron.com<). John B=
rindle, Senior Director, Business Controls, leads this organization. Pleas=
e feel free to provide John and his team with your comments and questions, =
or to report security threats.

We have two areas to update you on: changes in the access procedures for t=
he Enron Center Campus in Houston and changes to our travel advisory.

Access to the Enron Center

Over the next few days, the following access control procedures will be ins=
tituted at the Enron Center (and other facilities where practical):

?=09As employees swipe their badges at the card readers to enter the Enron =
Center, a guard will match the photo on the badge to the bearer.

?=09Employees and contractors who forget their badges must present a valid =
picture ID to obtain access to the Enron Center (U.S. driver's license, U.S=
. or foreign passport, or some form of U.S. federal, state or local identif=

?=09Visitors to the Enron Center must produce a valid photo ID when signing=
in at the lobby reception desk and must completely fill out the visitor ca=
rd. Adult visitors without a valid photo ID (U.S. driver's license, U.S. o=
r foreign passport, or some form of U.S. federal, state or local identifica=
tion) will not be allowed access to the Enron Center.

?=09Visitors to Enron facilities must be escorted by an Enron employee or b=
adged contractor at all times.

?=09Visitors to the Enron Center will be met in the lobby by an Enron emplo=
yee or badged contractor, signed into a visitor's log at the lobby receptio=
n area by the employee or badged contractor, and escorted to their appointm=
ent. At the conclusion of the appointment, the visitor will be escorted to=
the lobby by an employee or badged contractor, the visitor badge collected=
, and the visitor signed out in the log at the plaza reception area by the =
escorting employee or badged contractor.

?=09Employees are also being asked to participate in the security of their =
workplace by following these guidelines; report suspicious activity to Secu=
rity (phone 3-6300), do not open secured doors for individuals unknown to y=
ou or hold doors open, allowing "tail gating" by others.

These will be the first in a series of new security procedures to be instit=
uted at Enron. We ask that all employees be patient during congested times=
in the lobby. As we proceed and obtain increased guard personnel and equi=
pment, we expect the inconvenience to decrease. We hope you understand the=
se measures are being instituted for the security of all our employees. =09

Travel Advisory Update

With the beginning of retaliatory strikes, we have two important recommenda=

?=09While the retaliatory strikes are ongoing, corporate security recommend=
s that travel through or to the Middle East be avoided. We continue to str=
ongly recommend that all travel during this time to Afghanistan, Yemen, Pak=
istan, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Geo=
rgia, and the Kyrgyz Republic be canceled. In addition, we recommend that =
planned travel to Egypt, Israel, Gaza/West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Ara=
bia, Syria, and Algeria be very carefully considered.

?=09For non-U.S. citizens traveling in the United States, corporate securit=
y recommends that you carry documentation. There have been several recent =
reports of non-U.S. citizens who reside in the United States being question=
ed and asked for documentation when boarding U.S. domestic flights. As a re=
sult, we suggest that all non-U.S. citizens who currently reside in the Uni=
ted States - and who do not have Permanent Resident Alien status - carry th=
eir passport, Form I-94 and Form I-797 at all times. We would also suggest=
that Permanent Resident Aliens carry their Permanent Resident (Green) Card=
as proof of their status as a precautionary measure. It appears that Immi=
gration Officials may be applying a section of the Immigration and National=
ity Act that requires individuals over the age of 18 to carry his/her "regi=
stration" documentation with them at all times. This can include a Permanen=
t Resident Card, Form I-94 card, Employment Authorization Card, Border Cros=
sing Card, or a Temporary Resident Card. Immigration Officials have not his=
torically been asking domestic travelers for "registration" documentation, =
but in light of the heightened security measures and current atmosphere, it=
would be best to be prepared with all of your documentation proving your c=
urrent lawful status.

We will keep you apprised of new information and developments on the Corpor=
ate Security website and by e-mail, as appropriate.