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Date:Fri, 19 Oct 2001 10:04:20 -0700 (PDT)

from a friend in the public relations business - should i send to palmer et al?

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It's clear the Journal smells blood in the water surrounding Enron in

general and with respect to the limited partnership issues in particular.

My sense is that Enron's current media strategy is to contain the story; a

worthy objective. But I think the current approach of providing limited

disclosure, declining to answer questions and not making the CFO and other

executives available for interviews is compounding the perception that Enron

"doesn't get it". There is a real issue here that is becoming a proxy for

investors and the media who complain that the company is arrogant, lacks

transparency and does not really mean it when it says it intends to be more


An internal document leaked either by an investor or an Enron insider, a

series of stories all hammering essentially the same points...these are

clear signs that the story will not go away until Enron addresses the

questions more clearly and directly. There are ways to do so in a manner

that will not undermine the company's legal position.

As I mentioned to you in the letter sent last week, I have been in this

situation with clients many times in the past, and an outsider's perspective

is of value. Let me know if there is an opportunity to present that