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October 19, 2001

Dear National Member:

The National Program is continuing its conference call series on America's
Response to Terrorism, with Jonathan B. Tucker, Director of the Chemical
and Biological Weapons Nonproliferation Program at the Center for
Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) of the Monterey Institute of International
Studies, on Wednesday, October 24, 12:00 to 12:45 p.m. EDT. Dr. Tucker
will lead the discussion on the Biological and Chemical Threat, and Michael
P. Peters, Senior Vice President of the Council on Foreign Relations, will

Before joining CNS, Jonathan Tucker worked for the U.S. government for six
years. He served as an arms control fellow at the Department of State, an
analyst in the international security program at the Congressional Office
of Technology Assessment, a foreign affairs specialist in the office of
chemical/biological policy at the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, and
a senior policy analyst on the staff of the Presidential Advisory Committee
on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses. In February 1995, he worked as a
biological weapons inspector in Iraq under the auspices of the United
Nations Special Commission. He edited Toxic Terror: Assessing Terrorist
Use of Chemical and Biological Weapons and wrote Scourge: The Once and
Future Threat of Smallpox (Atlantic Monthly Press, 2001).

Please respond to this e-mail if you would like to participate in the
conference call with Jonathan Tucker and Michael Peters, and we will send
you call-in instructions. Please don't hesitate to call me at 212/434-9465
or e-mail me directly at ifaskianos@cfr.org if you have suggestions or

Irina Faskianos
National Director
Council on Foreign Relations