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Subject:New Incorporation - Enron Europe Group
Date:Mon, 22 Oct 2001 10:20:05 -0700 (PDT)

Although incorporated in July 2000, an announcement memo was not distributed at that time due to full lack of translated documentation. To bring this company in line with other Enron subsidiaries, below is the announcement memo:

SII Enerji ve Uretim Limited Sirketi (English translation: SII Energy and Production Ltd. Sti) (Company #1767 - SIEU) was incorporated in Turkey on 19 July 2000. Particulars are:

PARENT COMPANY(IES): SII Holdings 3 B.V. - 99%
SII Holdings 4 B.V. - 1%

BUSINESS PURPOSE: To be confirmed

SHARES: Authorized: 62,500,000,000 Turkish Lira ("TL"); TL25,000,000 p.v.
Issued: 62,500,000,000

DIRECTORS/OFFICERS: See attached Corporate Data Sheet


TAX: Please apply for FEIN, if necessary
TREASURY: No banking resolutions adopted
CORPORATE RECORDS: Please recycle minute book -- incorporation documentation to be hand delivered.

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