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Subject:New Incorporation -- Enron Europe Group
Date:Mon, 19 Nov 2001 13:28:54 -0800 (PST)

Henry Bath Italia S.R.L. (Company #1811 - HBIS), incorporated in Italy on 7 November 2000, was acquired by Enron on 29 June 2001. Particulars are:

PARENT COMPANY(IES): Ownership effective 29 June 2001
Henry Bath & Son Limited - 95%
Enron Metals Limited - 5%

BUSINESS PURPOSE: Warehousing for metals in Trieste, Italy

SHARES: Authorized: 10,000; p.v. EUR$500
Issued: 20

DIRECTORS/OFFICERS See attached corporate data sheet


TAX: Please apply for FEIN, if necessary
TREASURY: No banking resolutions adopted
CORPORATE RECORDS: Please recycle minute book. Incorporation/acquisition documents to be hand delivered.

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