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Date:Wed, 6 Jun 2001 08:52:08 -0700 (PDT)

Please consider the following retired judges from Chicago. I don't know any
of them personally and there is a good chance that neither does Paul Weiss:
Abner Mikva, Seymour Simon, Frank McGarr. They come highly recommended by
my friend Marv Aspen, the Ch. Judge of the ND Ill.

Steve Susman
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Subject: Arbitrators for Blockbuster Arbitration

We have been given a new list of potential arbitrators. Please take a
minute and let me know if any of these represent us, and the general
level of representation. Thank you again for your help. If you want to
leave me a voicemail, my telephone number is (713) 646-6412.

1. William Frank Carroll--Donohoe, Jameson & Carroll
2. James E. Coleman Jr.--Carrington, Coleman, Sloman & Blumenthal
3. Randall Duke--Johnson & McElroy
4. Edward Fiorito--Consultant
5. Eric F. Hale, Jr.--formerly with Carrington, Coleman; now
6. Herbert J. Hammond--Thompson & Knight
7. Orrin Harrison--V&E
8. Brian J. Hurst--Baker & McKenzie
9. C. Michael Moore--Locke Liddell
10. Robert C. Prather, Sr.--Jordan, Dunlap, Prather & Harris,

No need to respond as to V&E or Locke Liddell, except as to information
about the individuals. Steve et al., Baker & McKenzie does represent
Enron on several matters of which I am aware, but to my knowledge it is
not one of our top 10 firms in billings.