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Subject:RE: Nov. 2 Mtg of Exec Comm of Inst for Law & Tech
Date:Wed, 24 Oct 2001 10:50:51 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Jim,

I'll make the arrangements for Henry Hu, and will let him know the

Attached is the RSVP log to date for the November 2 meeting. I've asked
George Kryder and Betsy Whitaker (the two we've not heard from yet) to
advise me of their plans ASAP. The meeting looks like a "go", though
Tom Green, Anne McNamara and Joe Hubach won't be able to attend (Hubach
has an all day meeting but hopes to join us for drinks and dinner).

Anne McNamara wrote kindly in her RSVP that "with this small a group
perhaps we could seek a convenient time before scheduling meetings in
the future".

I'll send you for your review no later than Monday (1) a revised
proposed "organizational plan" (the written smorgasborg of options we
discussed last month), (2)a draft agenda for the meeting, and (3) a
draft cover memo from you to the ExComm members. I recommend that we
send the approved versions of these on Tuesday or Wednesday via email.

From the press I'm reading every day, it sounds like you must be pretty

Let me know if there is anything else you want me to do in preparation
for the upcoming meeting.

Incidentally, we had an outstanding meeting of the IOGEC Executive
Committee last week. I'll fill you in later.


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To: Henry Hu <hhu@mail.law.utexas.edu<@ENRON
Cc: David Winn
Subject: RE: Nov. 2 Mtg of Exec Comm of Inst for Law & Tech

Dear Professor Hu, thank you for your message. Your participation by
telephone, for whatever portion of your afternoon might be free, would
be very welcome. I currently plan to be in Austin for the UT Law School
Foundation Board meeting and related matters on November 9 and 10.
Perhaps our paths will cross there. All the best. Jim Derrick

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< To: Derrick Jr., James
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< Subject: Nov. 2 Mtg of Exec Comm of Inst for Law & Tech
< Dear Mr. Derrick:
< Thank you for including me in this venture. It promises to be
< fun and
< useful. Unfortunately, in terms of the November 2nd meeting, a
< faculty
< candidate I'm primarily responsible for is coming through the law
< school
< the same day. He is giving a colloquium late morning/early afternoon
< and
< my wife and I are hosting the dinner for him and his wife that
< evening.
< So, especially given the post-9/11 logistics, it doesn't seem
< practical for
< me to come to Dallas for this meeting. One possibility might be for
< me to
< participate by phone for a portion of the afternoon meeting and I
< would be
< happy to do so. But given the nature and length of the meeting, this
< probably doesn't make sense - please let me know what you think.
< Best regards.
< - Henry Hu
< Henry T. C. Hu
< Allan Shivers Chair in the Law of Banking and Finance
< University of Texas School of Law
< 727 East Dean Keeton Street
< Austin, TX 78705
< U.S.A.
< office phone: 512-232-1373
< e-mail: hhu@mail.law.utexas.edu

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