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Subject:RE: Special Executive Committee Meeting, October 19 in Houston
Date:Tue, 16 Oct 2001 08:16:38 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks, Jim. I hope your schedule clears up and you can be there, but I
understand if you can't.

On the Tech Law front, so far we have acceptances for the November 2
meeting from Tom Klitgaard, Joe Sims, Larry Lyles (meeting only), Joe
Hubach (reception/dinner only), (you, me and David Ellwanger).

Tom Green is unable to attend, as is Anne McNamara (who wrote: "David,
with a group this small, perhaps you could check dates before setting
the meeting. Just a thought.").

I've not yet heard from Coggins, Hu, Kryder or Whitaker.

I'll update this RSVP report next week.


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Subject: RE: Special Executive Committee Meeting, October 19 in Houston

David, as of now, it appears that I will not be in Houston on Friday. I
wil let you know if my plans change. All the best. Jim

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Subject: Special Executive Committee Meeting, October 19 in Houston

TO: The Members of the Executive Committee and Subcommittee
of the International Oil and Gas Educational

FROM: Pat Martin, Chair

RE: Special Executive Committee Meeting on Friday, October
12:00 p.m.
Strasburger & Price, 32nd floor, Chevron Tower, 1301
McKinney in downtown Houston

This is your reminder of our special meeting next Friday to
our long-range planning and restructuring of the IOGEC as we expand
scope and membership to include new fields of energy law. A number
the issues left on the table at our mid-year meeting in August should
resolved now as we get ready for the annual Institute in February and
begin a concurrent membership drive. Lunch will be served. As we
much to discuss, the meeting may run to 4:00 or so.

If you have not yet advised David Winn whether you will attend,
please do so now ( dwinn@swlegal.org <mailto:dwinn@swlegal.org< ;

An agenda will be sent to you next week in advance of the
meeting. Thanks again for your wisdom and your leadership.

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