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Subject:Re: Society for the Performing Arts Draft Cover Letter for Lyons
Date:Tue, 16 Oct 2001 15:01:45 -0700 (PDT)

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Thank you, Jim! We need all the extra edge we can get in this tricky
fundraising climate.

Joyce Gillespie with The Lyons Foundation asked me to provide her a copy of
any letter that we send to the trustees. Please adapt this letter to your
style and send to each of them w/carbon to:
Joyce Gillespie
The Lyons Foundation
1202 Dairy Ashford
Houston, Texas 77079-3004

Dear Jim/R.A. Seale,
I've been a member of Society for the Performing Arts for a number of years
and have enjoyed every minute. The organization was founded in 1966 along
with the establishment of Jones Hall (construction began in 1964 under John
Jones/Houston Endowment leadership) and represents some of the finest
performers, dancers, musicians in the world.

We are appealing more broadly to our local foundations and need your help to
allow them to continue their fine outreach program. As you can imagine, the
flooding of Jones Hall in June virtually devastated their offices and their
archives, but their outreach and education programs have continued due to
the staff's dedication to the arts. They even managed to hang onto Mormon
Tabernacle Choir when Jones Hall was flooded by moving them over to Reliant

Our city needs as much relief and beauty as we can muster in these difficult
times. Thank you for strongly favoring this request. Call Sally Tyler,
Director of Development, at 713-227-3384, if you need additional

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< Sally, I know Jim Prentiss and R.A. ("Pete") Seale. Please send me a
< of the letter of support you would like me to send to them. Jim
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< Subject: Society for the Performing Arts
< Dear Jim,
< I spoke with Joyce Gillespie at The Lyons Foundation who indicated the
< following are on their board: Jim Prentiss (Enron), Judge Phil Peden,
< and R.A. Seale.
< We are asking this foundation for $5,000 support of our education and
< outreach programs (deadline Nov. 1) and I'm slipping in information
< regarding our Allison relief needs though not asking for specific help
< at this point. Since our records are still drying and inaccessible,
< I've asked her to supply a summary of previous support.
< Do you know any of these trustees and could you send a support note on
< our behalf?
< Sally J. Tyler
< Director of Development
< Society for the Performing Artsstyler@spahouston.org << File:
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< 713-227-3384/713-345-5408
< FAX: 713-223-8301
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