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Subject:Re: The 2002 Enron Legal Department Conference
Cc:kristina.mordaunt@enron.com, michelle.cash@enron.com,david.koogler@enron.com
Bcc:kristina.mordaunt@enron.com, michelle.cash@enron.com,david.koogler@enron.com
Date:Wed, 30 May 2001 11:52:20 -0700 (PDT)

Jim, Forgive my delayed response, but I, too, will look forward to co-chairing next year's legal conference with David and to following in the impressive footprints of Michelle Cash and the 2001 committee. Best regards, Michelle

David Koogler 05/24/01 08:43 PM To: James Derrick/ENRON@enronXgate@ENRON cc: Kristina Mordaunt/Enron Communications@Enron Communications, Michelle Cash/HOU/ECT@ECT@ENRON, Michelle Hicks/Enron Communications@Enron Communications Subject: Re: The 2002 Enron Legal Department Conference


I am looking forward to working with Michelle to Co-Chair the 2002 event. We appreciate your confidence in us and are honored to be the Co-Chairs. Michelle Cash and her team did set a high standard and also put in place the ground work to help ensure successful events for the future. I know Michelle Cash has a notebook of information that she would like to pass on to the next Chairs. We will schedule a meeting with Michelle Cash shortly.


James Derrick/ENRON@enronXgate 05/24/01 08:09 PM To: Michelle Hicks/Enron Communications@Enron Communications, David Koogler/Enron Communications@Enron Communications cc: Michelle Cash/HOU/ECT@ECT, Kristina Mordaunt/Enron Communications@Enron Communications Subject: The 2002 Enron Legal Department Conference

Michelle and David, I would very much appreciate your serving as Co-Chairs of the 2002 Enron Legal Department Conference, which will be held at a Westin resort in the Dallas area. Michelle Cash and her team, of which the two of you were important members, have set an extremely high standard, but I know that you will do a superb job! Please let me know when you would like me to ask the various groups to select the members of your team. Thank you! Jim

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