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Subject:Texas Tribute Online -- October 2001
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News from The University of Texas at Austin
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And now, on to the news:
TEXAS ICON HERB KELLEHER, founder and chairman of the board of Southwest Airlines (but not a UT alumnus), has given UT's McCombs School of Business $4 million to fund the Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship. The center, charged with creating the country's leading academic program focused on entrepreneurship, is cleared for take-off and will begin offering classes this spring. There is no word yet on whether the McCombs School will increase its supply of cocktail napkins -- the medium Herb used to sketch out Southwest's first business plan.--< SEE http://www.bus.utexas.edu/news/pressreleases/kelleher.asp
THIRTEEN GIFTED AND AMBITIOUS SCHOLARS from as far away as Spain are calling UT home this year as the inaugural class of the prestigious new Harrington Fellows Program for distinguished faculty and graduate students. "As we had hoped, the program has enabled us to attract some of the world's best minds," says UT President Larry R. Faulkner. "They bring with them tremendous talent, knowledge, and experiences."--< SEE http://www.utexas.edu/do/impact/harrington.html
IT SEEMS LIKE ONLY YESTERDAY to Robert Dedman and the Rev. Jim Fenner that they were UT Law School classmates and fellow members of the Tejas Club, but it was more than 50 years ago. In 1948, Jim loaned Robert $800 to buy a car so that he could get a better job. After a year of selling real estate and insurance, Robert paid Jim $880 - the loan in full plus 10 percent interest. Jim refused the extra $80, saying he wasn't trying to make money on the loan, just help a Tejas brother in need. Robert, who never forgot the gesture, has honored Jim and the bonds of Tejas brothers by endowing a $100,000 Tejas scholarship fund in Jim's name.
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