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Subject:2001 Annual Meeting, Rogers Award and 52nd Oil & Gas Institute in
Date:Tue, 21 Nov 2000 10:59:00 -0800 (PST)

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TO: Members of the Advisory Board of the
International Oil and Gas Educational Center

FROM: Pat Martin, Chair

I am very pleased to tell you that the
Alamo [ http://www.thealamo.org/ ] and adjacent Alamo Hall
[ http://www.thealamo.org/map_nojs.html ] will be the venue for our annual=
Advisory Board reception and dinner on Wednesday, February 14, 2001.

Our Annual Meeting of the Advisory Board will be conducted earlier that=20
afternoon at the Hilton Palacio del Rio on San Antonio's River Walk [=20
http://hotx.com/rb/ ]. Details and an RSVP form about both the meeting and=
the dinner that evening will be mailed to you in early January. February 1=
is also Valentines Day, so mark your calendar now to attend the Annual=20
Meeting and plan to bring your spouse or guest with you to our very special=
dinner event at the Alamo that night.

I am equally pleased to announce that the recipient of the IOGEC's 2001 Jo=
Rogers Award -- and featured speaker at the award ceremony -- will be Enron=
Chairman and CEO, Ken Lay. The award will be presented at a special hosted=
reception and dinner ceremony on Thursday, February 15, 2001 at the unique=
Institute of Texan Cultures
[ http://www.texancultures.utsa.edu/main/ ].

Our Advisory Board meeting and festivities as usual immediately precede ou=
annual Institute on Oil and Gas Law and Taxation. The 52d Annual Institute=
will be held Thursday-Friday, February 15-16, 2001, at the Hilton Palacio=
del Rio
DSFFI?_requestid=3D10505 ] on the River Walk. Institute Co-Chairs Bill=20
Schwind, Brad Keithley and Dennis Grindinger have assembling an outstanding=
and innovative program, including:

* optional multi-session segments on US Onshore, Federal/US Offshore,=20
International, Environmental, Litigation and Emerging Issues,

* presentations by top federal oil and gas officials, including the Chairm=
of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the Director of the=20
Minerals Management Service (MMS) and the Director of the Office of Foreign=
Asset Control (OFAC),

* presentations by top state oil and gas officials, including Commissione=
of the Texas Railroad Commission and the Louisiana Office of Conservation a=
the Vice Chair of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission,

* presentations by top law school faculty, including Professors Earnest E.=
Smith from the University of Texas, Bruce Kramer from Texas Tech University=
Ira Shepard of the University of Houston and Martin J. McMahon of the=20
University of Florida,

=02=05 presentations by top oil and gas attor=
including Williams Companies SVP and General Counsel Bill von Glahn, former=
Coastal Corp. General Counsel Mike Beatty and former EEX SVP and General=20
Counsel and current IOGEC Vice Chair Janice Hartrick, and

* tours of San Antonio and its historical sites for registrants' family an=
friends during the Institute.

The Institute materials will be provided to Institute registrants on CD as=
well as in the traditional notebook. As they have been for 51 years, the=
papers by the Institute faculty will ultimately be edited and published by=
Matthew Bender & Company in its annual Proceedings of the Oil and Gas Law a=
Taxation Institute.

An Institute brochure with further information about the=
Institute, the Rogers Award ceremony and related events in San Antonio will=
be mailed to you shortly after Thanksgiving.

I remind you that as a member of the Advisory Board of the IOGEC [=20
http://www.swlegal.org/iogec/ ], you are entitled to attend this cornucopia=
of professional, educational and social events cost-free:

* the Advisory Board Annual Meeting on Wednesday afternoon,
* the Advisory Board reception and dinner at the Alamo on Wednesday evenin=
(you are invited to bring your spouse or guest to this special event withou=
* the John Rogers Award Reception and Dinner at the Institute of Texan=20
Cultures on Thursday evening (tickets for your spouse or guest will be=20
available for purchase), as well as
* the entire Oil & Gas Law and Taxation Institute, including the two-day=
program and a hosted luncheon on Friday.

The Institute is followed by a three-day weekend (Presidents=
Day is Monday, February 19, 2001), and San Antonio is Texas' top tourist=20
destination for many good reasons, so I look forward to seeing you in=20
February in San Antonio
[ http://www.sanantoniocvb.com/INDEXED.HTM ].

Enjoy the Thanksgiving holidays.