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Subject:Comments to New Security and Human Rights Policy
Date:Tue, 14 Nov 2000 06:09:00 -0800 (PST)

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11/14/2000 02:02 PM

To: Lauren.Goldblatt@enron.com, kelly.kimberly@enron.com
cc: vsharp@enron.com, Rob.Walls@enron.com, Stephanie.Harris@enron.com
Subject: Comments to New Security and Human Rights Policy

Lauren and Kelly:

I attach the consolidated legal comments to the proposed Security and
Human Rights Principles, as well as copies of your overview memo and of
the Principles themselves.

In summary, the note says we see no major issue legal that cause us to
advise Enron not to endorse the Principles, but that we do see a number of
significant matters that Enron should consider before it makes a decision
to endorse them.

There are two other items in addition to those mentioned in the note:

In regards to e-mails we exchanged yesterday regarding the fact that
these Principles are targeted at the extractive industry peer group that
Enron tries to distinguish itself from and is largely exiting, I
understand that Vicki will be contacting Kelly to discuss your
suggestions on differentiating Enron from those industries.
It is not clear whether the decision to endorse the Principles must be
made by the full Enron board or some level short of the Enron board. I
think Vicki will be discussing that with Rob.

Please call if you have any questions.

(See attached file: LEGAL COMMENTS TO HR PRINCIPLES - 14NOV00.doc)
(See attached file: overviewmemo1.doc)

(See attached file: corp_resp__20_Sept_[2].doc)

- overviewmemo1.doc
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