Enron Mail

To:cpatman@bracepatt.com, james_derrick@enron.com
Subject:Jurisprudence Luncheon
Date:Wed, 13 Dec 2000 05:24:00 -0800 (PST)

Carrin & Jim --

It was an honor and a pleasure to meet both of you yesterday. I know we will
have fun working together on this very special event.

Jeff left the jurisprudence luncheon lists for me before he left on vacation.
I wasn't sure whether he transmitted them to you as well. Would you please
advise me if you would like them sent to you? I can email the MS Excel files
or I can fax the hard copies to you. Please advise what is most convenient.

I plan to be in town through the holidays and can be reached by phone, email,
or cell phone at any time. My cell phone number is 713/705-4829.

Thanks again for your interest in the ADL's work. Martin.

Martin B. Cominsky
Director, Southwest Region
Anti-Defamation League
713/627-3490, ext. 122
713/627-2011 (fax)