Enron Mail

Subject:McCutchen Doyle Brown & Enerson
Date:Mon, 9 Oct 2000 09:18:00 -0700 (PDT)

---------------------- Forwarded by James Derrick/Corp/Enron on 10/09/2000
04:18 PM ---------------------------

"Dilg, Joe" <jdilg@velaw.com< on 10/05/2000 12:08:22 PM
To: "Derrick, James (Enron)" <james.derrick@enron.com<
cc: "Walters, Rob" <rwalters@velaw.com<

Subject: McCutchen Doyle Brown & Enerson

Jim, in connection with your interest in identifying a top notch litigator
in California to look after Enron's interests in California, I would
recommend you consider David Balabian and Chris Hockett of the firm of
McCutchen Doyle Brown and Enerson LLP. McCutchen is a 300+ lawyer firm with
its main office in San Francisco and offices in Los Angles, Palo Alto and
Walnut Creek. The firm has a very strong reputation in major commercial
litigation (antitrust, securities fraud etc) and technical and IP
litigation. I believe ENA has worked with McCutchen in the past on some
power plant matters. Rob Walters has worked closely with Chris Hockett (who
I have also met) and has a very high opinion of his abilities. I concur that
Chris (a 40ish commercial litigator) is a very impressive individual. David
Balbanian, more senior than Chris, is apparently widely known as one of the
leading commercial litigators in Northern California. Establishing a
relationship with David and Chris would give you the judgment and access I
assume you would want. Let me know if I can provide any additional
information. Joe


- David M. Balabanian.htm
- Christopher B. Hockett.htm