Enron Mail

Subject:Pre-Audit Committee Meeting
Date:Tue, 5 Dec 2000 06:36:00 -0800 (PST)

Sharon, if you have time to do so, I suggest you attend. Jim
---------------------- Forwarded by James Derrick/Corp/Enron on 12/05/2000
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Shawn Kilchrist
12/05/2000 02:12 PM
To: Sharon Butcher/Corp/Enron@ENRON, James Derrick/Corp/Enron@ENRON

Subject: Pre-Audit Committee Meeting

Would one of you like to attend?

---------------------- Forwarded by Shawn Kilchrist/NA/Enron on 12/05/2000
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Sharron Westbrook

12/05/2000 11:21 AM
To: Rick Buy/HOU/ECT@ECT, Ted Murphy/HOU/ECT@ECT, Dave
Duncan/AA/Corp/Enron@ENRON, Shawn Kilchrist/NA/Enron@Enron, Andrew
Parsons/Corp/Enron@Enron, Michael Schultz/AA/Corp/Enron@ENRON, Tod A
cc: Karen K Heathman/HOU/ECT@ECT, Rita Hennessy/NA/Enron@Enron, Shannon
Adlong/AA/Corp/Enron@ENRON, Sandy Lewelling/NA/Enron@Enron, Loretta
Pena/AA/Corp/Enron@ENRON, Beverly Fabian/Corp/Enron@ENRON

Subject: Pre-Audit Committee Meeting

We have scheduled a prep-meeting for the Audit Committee Meeting. This
meeting will be in Rick Causey's office (EB5023) at 10:00 am Friday,
December 8.