Enron Mail

Subject:Pulse Survey Memo from the Office of the Chairman
Date:Mon, 4 Dec 2000 12:09:00 -0800 (PST)

In October of this year, we asked you to participate in the =01&Pulse=018 s=
urvey. =20
Over 70% of you were willing to take the time to respond. Thank you! This=
is our highest response to an all Enron employee survey - ever. =20

In exchange for your candid feedback, we want to provide you with an overvi=
of the results for our company.

We realize that you and your management have been working hard to build on=
our strengths and improve in areas of concern for us. The results reflect=
your substantial efforts.

As you can see from the chart below, thanks to the increased focus on these=
issues provided by the Vision & Values Task Force and your efforts to impro=
communications, we have made significant progress. =20

Question=091999 % Positive=092000 % Positive
Employees are encouraged to challenge the status quo=0942%=0947%
Decisions are communicated well=0941%=0950%
Employees feel free to voice opinions openly=0946%=0955%
Enron does a good job of acting on suggestions of employees=0945%=0952%
Communication across departmental lines is good=0930%=0934%

Congratulations on your fine efforts. Improvements in communications acros=
the company should enable better performance from all of us. However, as y=
know, our goal is to have 60% positive in most of these areas by 2001. So=
our work is not over and these will continue to be areas of attention.=20
(Complete survey results are attached for your review.)
We are also pleased to report that employees across Enron expressed=20
satisfaction in the following areas:
Employee benefits =01) 82%=20
Supervisors/managers deal fairly with people =01) 76%
Supervisors/managers encourage teamwork =01) 73%
People are treated with respect and dignity =01) 73%
Information from top management is credible =01) 74%
People would recommend Enron as a good place to work =01) 72%
The workload is reasonable =01) 67%
People are committed to Enron as more than just a place to work =01) 65%

All of these areas improved between one and five percentage points since th=
previous survey. In fact, we improved in almost every area measured by the=
core survey questions.

Click on the URL below to view the three pages of survey results.