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Subject:Re: Clickpaper.com - Indian legal issues
Date:Thu, 30 Nov 2000 02:08:00 -0800 (PST)

Did you by any chance sign off on Justin's choice of Indian law firm?

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Subject: Re: Clickpaper.com - Indian legal issues


Find out which firm Justin is discussing with. Hopefully, it is a "good"
firm, both in terms of quality and absence of conflicts with what we've done
in India to date. Let me know.

I hope Justin contacted someone in Enron legal with some experience in India
before he hired a firm. Hopefully, he talked with you first, as this is
common courtesy. Maybe he talked with Sarah G, and that would be fine also as
she is generally aware of the Indian firms we use and don't use.

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From: Travis McCullough@ECT on 11/29/2000 07:47 PM CST

Subject: Re: Clickpaper.com - Indian legal issues


Thank you for your quick response!

As I suspected, I was slow on the draw. Justin Boyd with our London team has
already directed a firm in India to start looking at these issues.

I'll forward your email to Justin, as he very well may want to coordinate
some of this through Sandeep, if Sandeep has the capacity to help us out.

Thanks again for your help.

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To: Travis McCullough/HOU/ECT@ECT
Subject: Re: Clickpaper.com - Indian legal issues

Sandeep Katwala is our general counsel in India, and he should be able to
work with you and outside counsel on this. Sandeep -- since this is a bit of
a rush, I would like for either you or perhaps Lena to work directly with
Travis and outside counsel and try to get some quick answers.


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Subject: Clickpaper.com - Indian legal issues


I hope things are going well for you. It was good to see you the other day.
I'm not even sure where you are right now, but I imagine that you are
checking your e-mail, wherever you are. I was hoping you could give us a
little guidance on tracking down some Indian legal issues -- perhaps a
reference to someone that could assist us.

Clickpaper.com is Enron's electronic trading marketplace for pulp, paper and
lumber products (including derivative products). It is modeled after
EnronOnline, but specializes in these commodities. The team is in the
process of registering customers around the world to access and trade on the
Clickpaper website; in keeping with the EOL business model, Clickpaper
enters into access and trading agreements with every customer that govern
their use of and trading on the site.

Those access and trading agreements are "jurisdiction specific" -- customized
for the particular country in which the customer accessing the site is based
-- in order to deal with jurisdiction-specific legal issues associated with
accessing, or contracting via, the internet, financial trading, regulatory
issues, etc.

The team has identified India as having a large number of potential
customers, and is attending a trade show in New Delhi in early December, and
they would like to be able to sign customers up at that trade show, or at the
very least arrange to give them access to the site. We therefore need to
consult with legal counsel in India to identify any issues and prepare an
apporpriate access and trading agreement. EnronOnline has developed a due
diligence checklist which is very helpful in describing our business model
and raising specific legal issues that we are likely to encounter.

Could you refer me to in-house counsel or an outside firm that could assist
us with this project on an expedited basis (isn't that always the case
here)? I would really appreciate any help you could give to us.

To the other recipients of this message -- I know that there are several
people working on this project -- if you already have this project underway,
please let Wade and I know so we aren't duplicating your efforts. Thanks.

Travis McCullough
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