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Subject: Frank Smith Memorial Golf Tournament
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Jim, Hannah and I are so appreciative of your efforts in establishing the
Frank Smith Memorial Golf Tournament at the annual Enron Law Conference. The
joy you have brought to our daughter through this gesture is immeasurable-
and we believe, after the initial mortification at having his name on
anything, that Frank would have been thrilled about it- (in an understated
way, of course, but thrilled nonetheless). Heartfelt thanks for your
involvement and contribution to this effort.
I am sending, either attached to this e-mail or separately, (depends on
challenges presented as I am hugely incompetent in this area) the e-mail we
received from Dave Nutt explaining the evolution of the tournament. It is a
ringing endorsement of your efforts and character and I think you should be
aware of it.
We thank you for remembering, in such a loving way, one of the finest people
God ever put on this planet! Sue Smith
P.S. Please let me know if you receive Dave's letter attached to this e-mail
- LtrAFS.Hannah.doc