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Subject:Dabhol Power Project - Arbitration-Related Materials
Date:Mon, 4 Dec 2000 04:22:00 -0800 (PST)


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Subject: Dabhol Power Project - Arbitration-Related Materials

I attach the results of a first trawl through the archives.

Of the attached materials,I think that the most relevant,for present
purposes,will be the following:-

(1) the enforcement memo produced by Peter Cornell and Atul Rajadhyaksha;

(2) the final consent award (as I drafted it) (the tribunal made the award
in the terms requested so far as I can recall;we are retrieving the original
from the papers in storage).

Item (2) above binds the GOM in relation to the PPA,SSA and the GOM
Guarantee. However,strictly,the MSEB is not bound,because it was never a
party to the 2 arbitrations begun by DPC in August 1995.

< <<951013-CXW-StatementOfClaim.frame<<
< <<951107-CXW-StmtofGenBackgrd.frame<< <<951109-CXW-ClaimantSubms.frame<<
< <<960403 PNC Dabhol Enforcement Memo.frame<< <<960701-CXW-JointRequest
< to Tribunal.frame<< <<961210-CXW-FinalConsentAward.frame<<
< <<g19ssk_000290a.frame<< <<g19ssk_000301a1.frame<< <<dabhol_interim
< award on jurisdiction.doc<<


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- 960701-CXW-JointRequest to Tribunal.frame
- 961210-CXW-FinalConsentAward.frame
- g19ssk_000290a.frame
- g19ssk_000301a1.frame
- dabhol_interim award on jurisdiction.doc