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Subject:FW: Enron Europe Organisational Announcement
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Subject: Enron Europe Organisational Announcement

Eric Gonzales will be moving back to Houston and working full time co-heading the Global LNG group as of April 20. The LNG market looks very promising and the team has already done a number of spot cargoes.
With that evolution we will make the following changes: the Spanish team headed by Mariano Gentilini, will now report to Eric Shaw who will then have origination responsibilities for the entire origination and asset development efforts on the European Continent. The Spanish energy markets are becoming increasingly integrated into the neighbouring continental energy markets, with significant cross border opportunities and we expect these changes to help us maximise our information sharing and cross-border opportunities.
The Arcos power station development effort has made significant progress over the past few years under Eric Gonzales's leadership. We are entering the final permitting stage, and we expect to begin construction by the end of this year. We would like to thank Eric for his contribution over the past three years, and we are confident that the strong team he has built will successfully complete this critical project. In addition to his Country Head responsibilities for Spain and Portugal, Mariano will continue to lead the Arcos development effort.