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Date:Mon, 2 Apr 2001 16:06:40 -0700 (PDT)

Ann, I have left you a voice mail re your question. Jim

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Subject:=09FW: Enron compliance program and summary

I previously mentioned to you that Enron may have to enter into a consent d=
ecree with the FCC relating to Enron's failure to file for authorization to=
transfer FCC licenses held by Portland General Corporation in connection w=
ith the 1997 merger. Before the FCC prepares a draft consent decree they a=
sked that we submit a proposed Compliance Program. V&E prepared the attach=
ed compliance program and summary. As you can see by the date on the e:mai=
l from Bob Mazer I have had the draft for a couple weeks and have not revie=
wed it until today. I have spoken to a couple people in Regulatory Affairs=
to see if they would be interested in taking ownership of this compliance =
program. They don't want it. Sue Nord, who covers EBS for regulatory affai=
rs, is checking with outside counsel used by EBS to see if they agree that =
we must enter into the consent decree. I am concerned about Enron's abilit=
y to implement this program and want to get your prospective on it. I am a=
lso concerned about whether or not we have other violations that will come =
to light after we sign the consent decree. As far as I can tell, at this p=
oint Enron doesn't have a centralized system for tracking FCC licenses. Pl=
ease let me know what you think the next steps should be for reviewing this=
compliance program and responding to V&E. =20

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Subject:=09FW: Enron compliance program and summary

As requested. Best regards, Bob Mazer
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