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Subject:March of Dimes Walk Team
Date:Thu, 8 Feb 2001 19:28:00 -0800 (PST)

Hey, I included you on this hoping you could help us get the management team at EES come up with some big bucks. We are not looking for the $1 donation from everyone in EES.


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Subject: March of Dimes Walk Team


It is once again time for the March of Dimes Walk America event. This is the largest fundraising event for March of Dimes. As you probably already know, March of Dimes is a non-profit organization focused on promotion of healthy babies and prevention of birth defects. As you probably also already know, this is a cause near and dear to my heart. In 1998, Enron provided no support for March of Dimes. This was simply not acceptable for a company the size and stature of Enron. Several of you agreed and we formed an Enron March of Dimes Walk Team. A new team in 1999, we raised $12,000. In 2000, Stan Horton lent us his executive support and we grew our efforts to $46,000 - earning us the position of 15th place of Houston March of Dimes Walk Teams.

Enron employees have shown that this is a cause that they want to support. I believe that we can take our 2001 Enron Walk Team to the next level, achieving a goal of $75,000 and earning a place in the top ten Houston walk teams. Danny McCarty has agreed to serve as our executive sponsor for 2001.

Of course to accomplish this goal, it will take a group of dedicated team leaders. Please consider joining me in this effort.
I know you are all busy and running at full speed, but that is exactly why I need your help. I believe that with a small but focused amount of your time over the next few weeks, we can accomplish significant results. Fundraising is our primary goal, walking is not required!

Please give this some consideration and let me know in the next few days whether I can count on you to lead the team.

I am planning a kick-off luncheon for next Friday, February 16. I promise that this will be our one and only one formal meeting. We can handle all other coordination and planning via email.