Enron Mail

Subject:NNG and TW Commercial Contribution
Date:Wed, 21 Feb 2001 14:45:00 -0800 (PST)

Call me and lets discuss
---------------------- Forwarded by Tracy Geaccone/GPGFIN/Enron on 02/21/2001 10:53 AM ---------------------------

John Keiser
02/21/2001 09:49 AM
To: Tracy Geaccone/GPGFIN/Enron@ENRON, Steve Gilbert/ET&S/Enron@ENRON
cc: Dana Jones/ET&S/Enron@ENRON

Subject: NNG and TW Commercial Contribution

Please review the attached schedule (the tab that shows first only). This is what I want to give to the Commercial VPs and Danny.

Tracy, I will need your numbers please when you can get them to me. Tracy, I took your Plan from the schedules James compiled. Let me know if your Plan has changed too.

Steve/Dana: please review to see if I have grouped it the way you want. I put the 0.1 plug in 4th QTR in Margins.