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February 1, 2001

TO: ETS Finance and Accounting Employees


Last year we began an initiative whose end goal was the evolution of our former pipeline entity focused organization into an Enron Transportation Services (ETS) oriented process driven structure. The reason for the new structure is fueled by the need to develop momentum on growing our business more broadly by focusing our best efforts in all areas which support meeting aggressive ETS targets.

To achieve that vision, several steps must occur in the first quarter of this year. Simply stated, the vision of the company must be communicated clearly and effectively to all members, so individual departments can identify the areas of responsibility and opportunity available to them to achieve this vision.

In the process of clarifying how we can most effectively utilize our experience and skills to achieve this goal, Rutherford Consulting will be assisting us. Many of you have already met members of the Rutherford Consulting team currently on site or you will have the opportunity to do so in the coming weeks.

We have formed a Joint Implementation Team who will focus on the development and implementation of the functionally structured organization. From our organization the following individuals have been selected to work with the Rutherford team in realizing this goal: John Cobb, Dan Fancler, Patricia Wiederholt, Anne Jolibois, Jennifer Lev, Denis Tu and Caroline Barnes.

Although it is not possible for all of you to participate on the committee, your individual expertise is critical. Your participation and input will be requested over the ensuing weeks as the recommendations are unfolded.

Together with the Rutherford Consulting team, we will focus on the successful implementation of the functional structure, promote the development of an internal customer service orientation, and develop the foundational processes required to insure the perpetuation of the new operating methods.

Your creative and thoughtful participation will ultimately generate the dynamic and responsive organization that will master the challenges of today and tomorrow