Enron Mail

To:judy.lin@enron.com, jennifer.lev@enron.com, traci.rainbow@enron.com
Subject:Workday 3 - Close Update
Date:Tue, 6 Feb 2001 14:51:00 -0800 (PST)

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Maura O'Neil
02/05/2001 08:22 PM
To: ISC ORG X Monthly Close Contacts

Subject: Workday 3 - Close Update

G&A will close Tuesday 2am CST. That's tonight.

Labor true-ups ran this afternoon. An error was discovered in the labor true-up postings. We are investigating the impact to each business unit and will update you at the close meeting.
PS Overhead for 1/1 companies and EBS were posponed due to the issues with labor distribution. We will update you in the morning on the status of PS Overhead.
SKF postings for regulated companies were successful.
ETS allocations will be completed tomorrow morning.
ENA regulated company assessments were completed.
EGM assessments have successfully completed.

Note: Please find the attached Corporate Hyperion kickouts file. These kickouts needs to be corrected before Workday 6.

See you at 9am CST in room EB48C2 on Tuesday, Workday 4.

The SAP Close Team