Enron Mail

Subject:Confidential Information and Securities Trading
Date:Wed, 11 Jul 2001 08:29:27 -0700 (PDT)

Email:doug.gilbert-smith@enron.com - 7138539310

Enron Wholesale Services - Office of the Chairman

From: Mark Frevert, Chairman & CEO
Mark Haedicke, Managing Director & General Counsel

Subject: Confidential Information and Securities Trading

To keep pace with the fluid and fast-changing demands of our equity trading activities, Enron Wholesale Services ("EWS") has recently revised its official Policies and Procedures Regarding Confidential Information and Securities Trading ("Policies and Procedures"). These revisions reflect two major developments: (1) our equity trading activities have been extended into the United Kingdom, and (2) in an effort to streamline the information flow process, the "Review Team" will play a more centralized role, so that the role of the "Resource Group" is no longer necessary.You are required to become familiar with, and to comply with, the Policies and Procedures. The newly revised Policies and Procedures are available for your review on LegalOnline, the new intranet website maintained by the Enron Wholesale Services Legal Department. Please click on the attached link to access LegalOnline:

If you have already certified compliance with the Policies and Procedures during the 2001 calendar year, you need not re-certify at this time, although you are still required to to review and become familiar with the revised Policies and Procedures. If you have not certified compliance with the Policies and Procedures during the 2001 calendar year, then you must do so within two weeks of your receipt of this message. The LegalOnline site will allow you to quickly and conveniently certify your compliance on-line with your SAP Personal ID number. If you have any questions concerning the Policies or Procedures, please call Bob Bruce at extension 5-7780 or Donna Lowry at extension 3-1939.