Enron Mail

Subject:A new way to pay!
Date:Wed, 14 Mar 2001 16:39:00 -0800 (PST)

Rick Causey recently announced a new online purchase and payment tool called
iBuyit. One of the special iBuyit components is an automated accounts
payable feature that will improve the way you code and approve invoices.

As of May 1, you will be able to access iBuyit Payables and
? choose budget codes from simple drop down menus
? receive e-mail when you have an invoice that needs to be coded and/or
approved; and
? view an electronic image of the actual invoice

These improvements will help you assign codes more accurately and will reduce
the time you spend processing invoices for payment. The AP tool will also
begin to eliminate the need for coding sheets or other paper information
currently in use.

This tool will provide us the opportunity to transition our Houston-based AP
processing functions to a third party, SourceNet Solutions. This transition
is expected to be completed by August 2001.

You will hear more about the iBuyit initiative, features of the AP tool and
training opportunities in the coming weeks. Please contact your AP
representative if you have any questions.