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Subject:GEM Project
Date:Thu, 22 Feb 2001 05:01:00 -0800 (PST)

Hello Everyone,

I will be coordinating with IT to ensure our migration to Outlook 2000 (GEM
Project) happens smoothly and successfully. I will inform you of information
needed or timelines as I am made aware of them. I'm in the process of
providing them the initial information for our group. After they receive it
they will send me more details of how the process will take place and how
long it will take to complete. Please hold your questions until you receive
that email. If you have something you would like to address after you
receive that e mail we will proceed as needed.

The first step for you, is to go through your lotus notes and start wiping
out personal e mails and data that can be converted to a spreadsheet or word
document. We will have access to our lotus notes for a period of time (will
have to get specifics from IT) but will not be sending or receiving e mails
through the Lotus Notes Database once we have migrated over.

Again, I will keep you posted as I receive information. Thank you for your
patience and cooperation in advance.