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Subject:Holidays - time keeping in SAP
Date:Fri, 22 Dec 2000 03:45:00 -0800 (PST)

Here is a copy of section from previous document..................
reminder ...............most of us will not enter any hours on Dec.
25th or 26th.

Please READ: (original was sent to us prior to July 4th)

Resolution, Instructions or Action Plan:

For eligible employees, SAP has July 3rd and 4th (and all Enron recognized
holidays) built into the work schedules.

1) Full-time exempt / non-exempt employees will not have to enter HOL for
July 3rd-4th, in most cases.

Exceptions: 9-8-1's with Monday, July 3rd is a "scheduled" off day.
4x10 (Tuesday-Friday), July 3rd is a
"scheduled" off day.
These employees are eligible for a holiday (HOL) on another day (floating
holiday per management discretion).
Use HOL absence and attendance type when recording this time.

2) Part-time employees, including reduced hours employees, can code July 3rd
and 4th as either HNP (Holiday No
Pay), REG (if worked) or POD (Paid Off Duty)

3) What if I work the holiday?
Working the holiday is the same as working on a day off. Code "REG" and
the number of hours worked on that day.
In regards to additional compensation, please refer to the policies and
procedures document on the HR Web Site.

Contractors and temporary employees are not eligible for Holiday Compensation

For more information contact: Jarrod Haughn (x57468)

Help each other out where you can and remember you can call 5-4SAP for help.

Yvonne Laing