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Date:Thu, 28 Dec 2000 01:04:00 -0800 (PST)

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As you probably know by now, Enron recently entered into a new relationship
with CORESTAFF's Managed Services Group to manage and administer its
temporary staffing program. This new arrangement is designed to improve
service and quality as well as increase efficiency in meeting Enron's
temporary employment needs. There are many benefits, including a web-based
application which will provide Enron's temporary staffing users with online
ordering, approval and reporting. More details on this system will be coming

In order to help the Managed Services Group serve you better in the days
ahead, please take a moment now to fill out the profile questions below and
forward your reply to Joseph Marsh at Joseph Marsh/NA/Enron. This
information will not be used for solicitation, but rather to facilitate a
more efficient ordering process.

Business Unit:
Phone / e-Mail:
Cost Center:
Number of Temporaries currently in use:
Average / Peak number of Temporaries used per week:
Skill sets / Positions required:

Phase I of the program, which starts January 2, 2001, encompasses all
administrative/clerical temporary employees in the Houston area. Please
note that we anticipate no changes for temporary employees currently on
assignment at Enron as we make this transition. Again, more details on the
Managed Services program and processes will be distributed in the coming

As of January 2, the Managed Services account team will be on-site to answer
any questions and handle your temporary employee needs. They will be
available via e-mail or by calling 713-345-6899. Please note that the
current process for requesting temporary employees will remain in effect
through the end of the year.

Thank you,
The Enron Corp Implementation Team