Enron Mail

Subject:Outsourcing Communication
Date:Fri, 5 Jan 2001 11:09:00 -0800 (PST)


Benefits Customer Service and its Administrative functions just got better!=

Starting 01.01.2001, this service was outsourced to vendors offering the=20
latest in technology and the best in customer service.

Keeping pace with your lifestyle, your benefits are now securely accessible=
on demand.

Check out our new web address http://benefits.enron.com to view or print yo=
health & group elections, to request a pension estimate, or to view your=20
savings plan elections.

If you are not near your computer one number is all you need for benefit=20
forms, questions and changes.

Option 1 - Enron Group Health Plans
Option 2 - Enron Corp. Cash Balance Plan
Option 3 - Savings Plan or ESOP

Check it out. It=01,s Easy!

Enter your social security number and a 4 digit Personal Identification=20
Number (PIN).

? For Health & Group and Pension, your initial PIN is the last 4 digits of=
your SSN. =20
? Your Savings Plan PIN number does not change.

No need for voice mail or e-mail addresses or long waits in the elevator=20
banks to get to the 16th floor in the Enron Building.

For 2001, if you need help, customer service reps are available to assist y=
M-F from 8:00am CST - 5:00pm CST.

But wait, there=01,s more.

The HR Info Zone is located in the lobby of the Enron Building to help you=
navigate. And coming soon, when you are outside the Houston area, the kios=
will be a phone call away 800.332.7979, Option 5=20

In addition, later this year, we will offer the ability to make family stat=
changes online.

NOTE: Your 2001 elections are no longer available through eHRonline.

Make it a New Year=01,s Resolution to


Enron Benefits=01(keeping pace with your lifestyle.