Enron Mail

Subject:Advisory group
Date:Fri, 6 Oct 2000 04:33:00 -0700 (PDT)

I believe that you agreed at our last meeting that it might be well for you
and me -- and Ken if available -- to discuss plans for this group in 2001. My
feeling is that we should review its composition after the election -- we may
lose Larry or want to add a Democrat (Laura Tyson?); we can take a hard look
at who is contributing and who isn't etc.
My agenda would be:
1. What can be done to increase the value to Enron? As I see it we have two
purposes: to create fans of and spokepersons for the company in important
fora, and to enrich management's understanding of the outside world (what it
is like, and how it views some of the problems that Enron faces).
2. What are the likely topics that it would be valuable for Enron to discuss
in 2001, as best we can judge things at this early point in time?
3. What should the composition of the group consist of in 2001, given
whatever we decide in #1 and #2 above.
4. How can we maximize the chance of achieving Ken's objective of attracting
outside guest speakers? Advance scheduling? Fees? And what sorts would we
like to attract?
I am sure there are many other items; these are designed merely to start you
Let me start the bidding by suggesting November 29 or December 4, inn
Washington if you happen to be in town, in Houston if that is more