Enron Mail

Subject:California's Energy Future
Date:Thu, 31 Aug 2000 06:17:00 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Ken,

First off, I have a friend who is setting up a plant in Corcoran,
Northern Calif., to manufacture a welded reinforcement grid building
building structural systems. They will need 480V/1200 amp. service. I
suggested that they would be better off making an electricity provision
agreement with you rather than PG&E.

His name is Hans Bauman. He can be reached at 949-640 2880. Please
have your people contact him ASAP as he plans to open for business in

Next, the Aspen Accord conference in Sweden went extraordinarily well
... especially with the California issues in such abound. Commissioner
Wood was there along with the mayors etc. of the cities. I know that
there is a business opportunity that can be developed and would be
pleased, when the timing is right to discuss this with you. After all
Ken, your California experience should show that improvement in your
position in the marketplace could be better.

Why not, on your next trip to Aspen, give me a call and drop by Orange
County airport and I'll ride up with you. We can talk about what I see
as lost opportunities and how to capture them.

My new life is going amazingly well. I'm working in an advisory
capacity in California, Chicago and Sweden ... and taking time to 'smell
the roses'. Hope you are doing the same.

Best regards,