Enron Mail

Subject:Christmas 2000
Cc:sally.keepers@enron.com, mark.lay@enron.com, klay@enron.com, jlaywp@aol.com,lizard_ar@yahoo.com
Bcc:sally.keepers@enron.com, mark.lay@enron.com, klay@enron.com, jlaywp@aol.com,lizard_ar@yahoo.com
Date:Sun, 13 Aug 2000 07:24:00 -0700 (PDT)

Mark, Zach and I would like to come out to Aspen for? Christmas on December
26th and stay until January 2nd.? We would like to stay at the old house in
the front bedroom or the cottage.? I am looking into flight reservations
right now and would like to know if this is o.k. so I can make definite
plans.? We would also like to ride back with you and Ken if you will be
flying back to Houston on January 2nd.? If you could please let me know ASAP
that would be great.