Enron Mail

Subject:Cindy Olson
Date:Mon, 4 Dec 2000 07:30:00 -0800 (PST)

Clay--Cindy is the Executive VP for HR at Enron Corp who I have observed
operate in several contexts. At Ken Lay's request, she ran the Governor's
Business Council while I was GC and has been an active and effective
spokesperson for Enron. She is now one of his top executives.

In Clay-speak, she is a top quality "all around athlete." Ken called me
this morning to tell me that Cindy had expressed a high interest and capacity
to work for you in the transition. I know you are getting many calls of
this sort, but this is one you may want to look at. She's attractive,
articulate, experienced, a great team player, energetic and a focused
worker. She might make someone a terrific #1 although she is capable or
working at a high level without adult supervision.

Ken is going to send her resume to me, and indicated that he planned to
mention her name to Secretary Cheney whom he knows and has spoken to a time
or two in recent weeks. I will forward her resume to you as soon as I have

No need to responnd, but call me it you have questions. 713.221.1432.

Thanks, Clay.