Enron Mail

Subject:Club Intrapreneur
Date:Fri, 6 Oct 2000 02:16:00 -0700 (PDT)

Mr. Lay,

I hope you don't mind the unsolicited email. I am interested in founding an=
internal organization, or club within Enron. The club would require=20
executive support in order to be successful. I=01,ve therefore sent you a =
level summary outlining the club=01,s objectives so that you could pass it =
to the correct executive(s) for further consideration if you think the idea=
has merit. I anticipate operating this program on my own time, so the=20
incremental costs to the company would be minimal. Thank you in advance for=
your consideration.

Fred Philipson

Club Intrapreneur

Mission of Potential Organization
To nurture entrepreneurial concepts consistent with Enron strategies and=20
abilities, bringing them to the point of a written business plan through th=
collective, informal participation of Enron employees. =20

Value Proposition
The club will stimulate, nurture and capitalize on the innovation of=20
collective individuals within the organization, serving as a catalyst for=
developing businesses within Enron.=20

Problem Statement
Many innovative ideas abound among Enron employees, yet they largely go=20
unshared or if shared, go undeveloped due to the present lack of a forum. =

This internal club could foster these ideas, reducing these lost=20
opportunities. The club could serve as a repository of information,=20
referring concept development to receptive mentors that could add insight=
into an idea=01,s development.=20

Overview of club services
? Quarterly speakers from the business community giving brown bag seminars =
Enron. These speakers could be entrepreneurship professors from Rice,=20
venture capitalists or even entrepreneurs from outside Houston. According =
the Rice University Executive Education Office, Rice professors charge=20
$2,000/day, although many could be encouraged to speak pro bono, given thei=
relationship with high-level Enron executives. These speakers can also co=
from within Enron=01,s executive ranks, thereby further sharing knowledge a=
showing support for the club.
? Monthly seminar-format meetings between Enron executive sponsors and club=
members to review concepts and choose those that should be nurtured furth=
? Weekly, informal lunch meetings with club members discussing strategies a=
ideas, assigning action items, creating goals and targets for an idea=01,s =
? Intranet site containing club meeting information, white papers, topics=
under discussion, links to relevant sites and an overview of Enron=01,s=20
strategic direction, which would serve as a template showing intrapreneurs=
the types of ideas Enron would be most interested in developing.