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Subject:Election Update
Date:Fri, 6 Oct 2000 16:21:00 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Chamber Members,

I wanted to take quick moment to report to you on the great
progress we have made over the past few months in our effort
to elect a pro-business Congress.

The U.S. Chamber PAC has been actively involved in dozens of
important races across the country. We believe these races will
make the difference on November 7th in electing a Congress that
will work with us to find solutions, rather than more
regulations, to challenges when they arise.

Now, we need your help to continue this important work. During
the next 5 weeks, the U.S. Chamber PAC will continue to support
these candidates through direct contributions, endorsements,
newspaper ads, direct mail, and even radio and television
campaigns when appropriate.

You can help today by making a personal contribution to the
U.S. Chamber PAC. To make this contribution now, please:

1. Complete the U.S. Chamber PAC solicitation form that
allows us to solicit contributions from you and your
organization's executive and administrative employees.
Simply click here
- http://www.uschamber.com/Elections/_pacform.htm,
print the form, sign it and fax it back to the Chamber.

2. After completing the PAC solicitation form, Click on
the following for our secure contribution page to make your

Also, during the next 5 weeks, Tom Donohue will be traveling
across the country to attend campaign events on behalf of the
candidates we support. We will continue to keep you updated
on these events and hope you will come out to show your support
for these pro-business candidates when he is in your area.

However, we need to make sure the U.S. Chamber PAC is able to
completely fund our Elections 2000 Program. To help us today,
please complete the solicitation form and then visit our secure
contribution page at

Your contribution of $150, $100, $75, or $50 will make the
difference this November 7th and help us continue to campaign
for pro-business candidates who have been there for us when it
has counted most and who will be there for us in the future.
The guidelines above are merely suggestions and you may give
more or less, or not at all without concern of favor,
disadvantage, or reprisal.

Thank you and I hope the U.S. Chamber PAC can count on your
support today!


Bill Miller
Political Director

P.S. Contributing to the U.S. Chamber PAC online if quick
and easy! However, if you have not yet done so, please remember
to complete our solicitation form by clicking here


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