Enron Mail

To:mromand@enron.com, lwright@enron.com
Subject:Enron Body Shop
Date:Thu, 24 Aug 2000 11:25:00 -0700 (PDT)

Dear MaryAnn,

I was very disappointed to learn today that the Enron Body Shop will be
raising its rates to $25 per month. While this may be in line with some
benchmarking study, one would hope that Enron would seek to outperform its
peers, given its goal to be rated #1 as best place to work. Our cross-town
competitor Williams, where I worked for almost 12 years, has a facility that
is at least as good as Enron's, and there is no charge whatsoever. Why
charge for the use of a facility that promotes Wellness?

I hope you reconsider this increase, but at a minimum provide a lower rate
for the occasional user such as myself. Given my busy schedule I am lucky
to get there a few times per month, and would happily pay the greater of $5
per visit or the $25/month fee. A $25/month fee will simply discourage
occasional users.

Please terminate my membership, effective September 1. I hope that I am
not alone in voicing my unhappiness with this increase.


Fred Wolgel
713-646-7557 (office)
713-299-6551 (mobile phone)
630-604-9831 (fax)
713-661-7334 (home)
Mailing Address:
333 Clay Street, Suite 1000
Houston, TX 77002-7361