Enron Mail

Subject:Enron European Commercial Real Estate Requirements
Date:Fri, 25 Aug 2000 10:20:00 -0700 (PDT)


After our conversation with Gerry Hines at the Aspen Hospital my wheels
started spinning. If you remember, you mentioned to Hines that you would
have your people contact his in reference to Enron's real estate requirement
in London. Well, this eager (maybe too eager) real estate broker's juices
started flowing (Papa Duncan would be surprised to know that something
besides Wendy gets me going)!

If you need some quality competition, I have formed a strategic alliance
with Trammell Crow Savills (www.trammellcrowsavills.com) specifically to
pursue Enron's real estate needs in London and elsewhere in Europe.
Trammell Crow Savills was formed in May to create one of the largest and
most experienced full service real estate firms covering Europe,
Asia-Pacific and Australia. I was able to form this alliance specifically
to go after your business because 4 of the top officers at Trammell Crow are
friends of mine. Don Williams (Chairman), Pryor Blackwell (COO), Chuck
Anderson (Regional President) and Mike Lafitte (President Dallas and Blake
Poston's Godfather). In fact, Trammell Crow is hosting a golf tournament in
October that will raise $70,000 for Rise Dallas!

Mike Lafitte is the only one who knows that Enron is the potential prospect.
So, if I have my nose where it does not belong I can shut it down without
any fanfare.

Could there be an opportunity to meet with Enron to sell Trammell Crow
Savills for your London and/or European real estate needs?

It's a long shot, I know. But, I had to take a swing!



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